Friday, October 31, 2008

Break time

Before my blog is dead with all the statistic going downhill, I think its time I post something during my break time...So, here you go I dedicate you all this song by Duffy (Er, I do know her voice kinda annoying but NOT this time ok) Actually this song was recommended by my friend long ago until recently I find myself keep repeating the play whenever I am down with work =P

Warwick Avenue
by Duffy

When I get to Warwick Avenue
Meet me by the entrance of the tube
We can talk things over a little time
Promise me you won't stand by the light

When I get to Warwick Avenue
Please drop the past and be true
Don't think we're okay just because I'm here
You've hurt me bad but I won't shed a tear

I'm leaving you for the last time baby
You think you're loving but you don't love me
I've been confused out of my mind lately
You think you're loving but I want to be free
Baby, you've hurt me

When I get to Warwick Avenue
We'll spend an hour but no more than two
Our only chance to speak once more
I showed you the answer, now heres the door

When I get to Warwick Avenue
I'll tell you baby that we're through

I'm leaving you for the last time baby
You think you're loving but you don't love me
I've been confused out of my mind lately
You think you're loving but you don't love me
I want to be free, Baby, you've hurt me

All the days spent together, I wished for better
But I didn't want the train to come
Now its departed, I'm broken hearted
Seems like we never started

All those days spent together when I wished for better
And I didn't want the train to come! Oh oh

You think you're loving but you don't love me
I want to be free, Baby, you've hurt me
You don't love me, I want to be free
Baby, you've hurt me

Ok, whoever stopped by to read this post...Thanks and lots of hugs yea =*

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Afraid of...

Current status: final project in progress
Work done: 15%, if considering all the stages I supposed to complete by Week 14 (Now its already Week 12)

Well, it might sound a lil bit strange to talk about this topic here but *sigh* lately I kinda find myself having this weird thought and its all about how I got afraid of DEATH (Ei, don't or stop laughing if you are now...Slap you then you know...) Seriously, I am not joking can.

'What if tomorrow comes but I can no longer find myself wake up back to the world anymore...I mean like die and gone just like that?'

Seriously, these days around I think I have the right over my current situation which somewhat dragged me in thinking about this whole thing and as for myself, I also not sure why and what caused me to have this painstaking breathing problem and to make the matter worst, I have been getting chest pain whenever I try to inhale or sit up from a lying down position...*sob sob* BabyNey is dying =(

'What if tomorrow comes and I am lying unconsciously in bed and nobody knows or found out until I am dead?'

Ok, set emo aside...Well, I think (not judging this professionally) one of the possible reason that cause me all this might be the stress and not did I ever mentioned that whenever I have too much of stress over work, my whole body will shakes like how the drug addicts do when they don't or stop taking drugs anymore?

Don't believe huh? Seriousss la...Why la I wanna joke about all this while I personally think its not funny to even joke about...Anyway, this sudden death shit is all what I am really afraid of and seriously if it ever happen to me...Heres some message I want to leave for you people around me (Families, friends, buddies, classmates, my blog readers and so on...)

I love you guys and thanks for everything when I was here in the world to feel your love. Nothing means more than the memories we shared and do take good care of yourself.

Signing off...

Monday, October 20, 2008

OMG is this for REAL???

Wheee~ I am hyper, I am high BUT one thing I can definitely confirmed with you that I ain't any sohai XD Lol~ wtf...So random sial...Hahaha...Okok, back to the topic Caney...Back to the topic la wey *okok, put my soul back into my body*

omg, I am excited...

*Hallehluyah gesture*


Tralalala...Yay, no more saying its next week anymore...No more saying its not possible cause we all do know that ticket bought ady and everything has planned accordingly...Accommodation provided, party and meet up all scheduled!!! WOW~ I can hardly believe myself that this thing is gonna happen for REAL!!! Fwah~ *day-dreaming and syok sendiri*

Ngek ngek ngek...Wondering what the hell I was crapping about??? Nah...
Lol~ Ever seen such crowded MSN chat conference thingy before??? Hehehe...Oh well, I bet normal people *repeat NORMAL people* don't actually do this unless its a big gathering shit with all your old high school friends or uni-mates...Blah~ I know I am all right about it and you definitely don't need to hide yourself from the fact that we people are simply DIFFERENT than you guy =P Ngeh, whatodo~

Hmm...While I keep saying that we are so SO much different than you guys... Let me clarified this clearly : All the people that we are gonna meet up for real this week, are those we actually never seen before but virtualy, so to say, we are one huge rojak family / siao-siao friends / bitchy gang / kawan-kawan yang asyik lim-pah & lam-pah *ROFLMFAO* wtf...

Anyway, you know la...We often hear people say that 3 women is equivalent to 1 pasar but I guess this coming Sunday's meet up its gonna be like gazillion gigantic pasar which need countless sound-proof acoustic barriers to reduce the gawdamn noise!!! Lol~ Seriously...This huge arranged speed 'dating' cum real life MSN chat- conference cum dunno-what (you may continue as you like) is gonna make hell a lot to hoo-haah at where we planned it to be *smirk*So, being part of the host for this meet up...What do I expect??? Oh man, I can go on forever and ever until the sun shine and set and shine again but I will probably still be talking about my expectations here...Lol~ wtf...Ok, I exagragrate a bit liao BUT the truth is - THIS COMING WEEK IS GONNA BE A LOT OF FUN TO LOOK FORWARD MEH!!! Muahaha...Imagine, talking machine times many many more crazy talking machinesss *shake heads and hands up surrender* Wooptiedoo~

Ok la, I shall keep that expectations to myself a bit...Scared later I expect too much pulak ended up with nothing *choi~ touch wood* Nah, I am just saying...So yeah, there you go...

Babes, dudes, gayism partners, lesbino girlfriends,

FYI, this meet up is a whole bunch of blogger friends meet up...NOT organized by Nuffnang nor anybody BUT a whole bunch of close friends we meet here in blogsphere...Thank you for reading and sorry to say that no more invites shall be distributed to anyone anymore.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Kurve by Karim Rashid

Hola everyone~ *tsk tsk*

Hmm...While I am still suffering to finish up my final design project, let me relieve myself a bit of the stress by blogging something related to the Interior Designing field perhaps? Hehe...This is my very first try of blogging about something design-related and hopefully I've got all the information right for you guys yea =)

The Kurve, New York
Facade entrance
Okay...So, speaking of the Kurve (NOT the Curve in Malaysia...) *smack head* Its actually a kaleidoscopic undulating non-stop restaurant which definitely has their very strong identities to stand out in places like the New York city.
The ovaloid-shaped windows
The Kurve's experience takes the diners to another world for an evening as the ovaloid-shaped windows, white glass communal table, ceiling-to-floor amorphous bar, sinuous walls and booths, soft organic lounge chairs and finally, the curve patterned floors are all engulfed the guests to dine in such hyper visual atmosphere.
Ceiling-to-floor amorphous bar
Sinuous walls and booths
Amongst all, I personally think that the most interesting part about this restaurant is actually how the design of such curvilinear space being juxtaposed by the angular high gloss white Poly chairs. As you can see, even the custom printed wallpaper that wraps around the restaurant's walls have become a large mural that change not only in colors and forms but to a certain extent in blurring the borders of graphic design, art, and architecture.
Soft organic lounge chairs
Curve patterned floors
However, as the graphic continues through to the glass walls of the sidewalk veranda with its large curved glass corners, the space is now offering a more wide open view to the city with lots of fashionable activities going on along the streets.
The sketch of the Designer before turning into real proper plan
The proper floor plan of the Kurve, New York
The Kurve, New York made its debut with a characteristically splashy Karim Rashid's design and a menu that combines both Eastern and Western ingredients and techniques to woo and satisfied the hungry diners around the world.
The designer, Karim Rashid

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Full stop

Mind you my lovely readers, its gonna be another super emo post again this time but I guess after all I should feel happy for myself that I had finally discovered what I want and this is like something that I had been so lost to decide either to go ahead or just stopping at where I was and rewind back the good old time...

Haihhh...Countless hug need =(

Well, yeah...Life in KL has been a bitch and lots of up and down I had already put myself through without you these days...Somehow somewhat it just gave me so much of the mixed feeling towards you and at some point I am really kinda like lost of what I should do already...I'm missing you so bad but at same time I just don't feel anything when you responded back...Is this what you people call the end of loving someone? Nah, I don't have anything to comment now...You may say whatever you like...

Anyway, no doubt that I still think the week back at Penang was something so memorable to me but I guess until now you still haven't gotten any slight idea of how much you meant to me right??? *laugh at myself* The usual typical and ironic of your man-ego shit...Ahhh, I am tired and exhausted to put up with all this already...

Time passed, people changed and now I guess we had already grew to be more rational in looking over this whole scenario then...I know I crushed and fell deep deep for you but I guess the feeling I had back then has now got to put a full stop to it...Just a plain simple FULL STOP will do and I shall not feel regret or heavy-hearty to move on after today...

Yes, I do know that I wanted you badly in heart but I guess its just not the right timing now to pick up and carry on from where we left...I couldn't see myself in sacrificing all the future plans I had in mind and this has eventually got A LOTTT of things to give up on (Well, not to even mentioned about my dream of working oversea) if I chose to go back at step one...I am sorry for not wanting you back but now I'm just tying to be who I wanted to be...

Hmm...One sad love story here you may say but I know I shall love myself more than anything else...No one can say who cannot live without who but its just simple not easy and God-damn-hard...Bleeding love it is cause I know relationship matters can never come easy but I am glad and grateful that it was a lot of memories between us =)

Anyway, finish emo here already...Me first credit goes to Josh *hugs* and really thank you so much for the lovely recommended song, I Wanted You by INA...Should share more of your 'pondan' songs with me okay? LOL~ Me second credit goes to TineTine and MinMin *group hugs* Thank you girls so much for listening and being there always whenever I need your shoulder to cry on...Lub u babes 9 9...

Okay, long night to go till I finished assignment...Signning off with love~

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Craving for love

BabyNey needs love, crave for love, wanting to be loved!!!

Arghhh...The roller-coaster ride has been going all the way downhill lately and serious-shit not to even mentioned about the work load aka the final design project I have to deal with now in this 'very happening' October month until the end of next November month!!! *hit my head to the wall*

Sigh...BabyNey is so desperately craving for love to help her get through all these sucky-mucky emo days *sobs* Huggies me anyone??? Many muchie muchie love are needed so badly to cheer up my down down days now...Whats there to help and whos there for me to lean on??? *stares blank and wonder*

Okay, before everyone starts jumping into the wrong conclusion...How about the idea of letting me reveal you the truth now *wink* Hehe...Seriously, you can click to navigate away from here if you don't feel like knowing all about it heh??? Eleh, not la me want to be perasan nor seeking attention from you guys because I-know-damn-well telling people what about myself are simply a bit of the very much tebal-muke and tak-tau-malu but...Well...I'm just simply writting down my own online journal / diary or whatever you call it la...DO'OH!!! Hahaha...

So okay, back to the main topic again =) Among the many many things or activities I love...I guess the only one simple and not very expensive thing that could make me feel like being in loved, crazy for love, dangerously loving love and love love loved after all is *drum rolls*
Hehehe...Yes, you see it right here!!! With any single piece of the ever-famous GuyLian chocolates, me love will overflow with many many small heart-shape bubbles wey!!! LOL~ Okay, thats a very random phrase and do ignore that part =P
The famous ogirinal seashells chocolates -TRIED-
(I know it spelled original but thats my way of saying can)

Hmm...So why GuyLian and not other chocolate brands you might asked...Okay, I am just gonna keep the explanation clean and simple as it is because the whole creation of this chocolate brand is actually based on the love story of the founder, Guy Foubert who so ever lovely and sweet to name the company after himself and the wifey, Liliane...So there you go, Guy and Lian = LOVE!!! *OMG*
The assortment collection of Opus -TRIED-
The irresistible La Trufflina -TRIED-

GuyLian, pronounce the Guy in French/Belgium as Geee/Jeee and Lian in Malaysian engrish as Lian??? LOL *cough* Anyway, I find many people couldn't say the brand right and I guessed the one I explained above should be the right way of calling it but not Guy as in gentleman and Lian as in ah-Lian =P Well, maybe it would sound more damn freaking funny if that could be the case for real...Hahaha...
The different flavors of Solitaire -TRIED-
The not-so-easy-to-get-in-Malaysia Twistwraps -TRIED-

So again, who got me so addicted to this lovely piece of sweet??? Hint : Think think T...T... =) LOL~ Cannot guess??? Iya, no more wondering around already cause its my buddy TineTine Gan!!! *countless hugs* Hehe...Babe, thanks for sharing with me all your GuyLian series given by *ehem* Hehehe...Spread the love and sharing is caring ma =D *lub you, muahhh*
Praline seashells chocolate bar -NOT yet try-
Praline Cream Liqueur -NOT yet try-

Hmm...Everything were so nicely said but then again one sad thing I learned about GuyLian chocolate is that they are very susah-nak-dapat and somemore and somewhat highly PRICED in Malaysia's market!!! *sobs* How la BabyNey wanna get love from this sweet sweet lovely piece??? *merajuk* Anyone going to shop at the airport's DutyFree or Belgium or even better if you owned the freaking distributer lisence for GuyLian chocolates to be imported into Malaysia??? Yea, ANYONE???
Belgium Classic -NOT yet own-
Les Exclusives -NOT yet own-
Le Gourmet -NOT yet own-

Haihhh...When can I get all the love above that I've never gotten yet??? Now I am only left with the very last piece of GuyLian Twistwraps in truffle filling =( *sobs* Okla, among all the above...

Valentine I-Lub-U Praline -NOT yet own-

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Specially dedicated to my babe, Nadine Ann Thomas

Sweetie, if you ever have the chance to drop by and are infact reading at this post...Its a special dedication for you and only okay =* Love you much darling *hug tight tight not letting go* Babe, must promise to keep in touch no matter what yea!!! Aww...Few hours went passed since you left, I am starting to miss you already =(#Recap#
Met her at KLIA this morning...She is leaving to London for a year's exchange in our London campus...Nope, I don't have any picture for this last meet up because I was too smart to just bring the camera BUT without the battery *sob sob...feel sorry to myself now* Anyway, had our very last gossip session at McD and finally I've got to meet up with her family after so long (3 years not meeting them its a VERY LONG time to me cause we used to be so close and its kind of frequent I slept over at her place back then...) So yea, she was very steady when comes to boarding the departure gate and didn't cry at all but me and another close friend of hers, Rachael were holding our tears because first, we both don't want to malu-fied-kan ourselves in public and second, watching her parents and sister dropping tears, we know we are nothing compare to them...SAD right =( I know-damn-right...Sigh...Now that I am crying so bad writing this post, I just want to really recall back how our wonderful past 5 years has been like...

- 2004 Semester 1 & 2 -The very begining of our friendship...In the same gang with few more others namely Finna (Indon), Suzanna (Chindian) and Ian (Chinese banana)...LOL...What an International yet Malaysianized gang we are back then and I guessed thats how I've picked up my english in Limkokwing though...Oh by the way, she herself is one Chindian also and that makes our group the famous 4 Chinese 1 Indian gang as according to our lecturer =D So relatively, we were like sisters-brother and got really close to each other only after the 5ft x 5ft Psychedelic project which carried so much of the unforgetable memory in everyone of us until now...
- 2005 Semester 3 & 4 -Second year into college, our friendship boomed like the mushrooms after rain falls...Lots of hanging out session at the Wings Coffee and Fitofly in uni and one of our most favorite thing to do back then - slumber and chill BUT not doing assignments at all =D Haha...Oh well, young and not thinking serious mah~ So other than all the happy moments we shared, I have to also admit that this was a VERY BAD year which it caught us into so many (Erm, perhaps to say countless is more accurate) arguing sessions but luckily we settled things talks after talk and pulled through everything and remained so close until now...

- 2006 Semester 5 & 6 -Last year of Diploma, you've changed course and I am happy for what you are going into now...Due to the change of faculty and different classes, our hangout time had cut less and also everyone were too busy with their own thing...Then, we started to slowly grow apart from each other but luckily no matter when or where we are gathered together, theres never been a gap of don't know what to say...We have got so much to tell, so much to catch up and I am thankful for the concern you gave all the while even we are not seeing each other often...

- 2007 Semester 7 & 8 -
My first degree year, your don't know what year into the Mass Communication course...Sigh, I know the gap between us is getting bigger and bigger...I had tried my best to keep in touch and text you whenever I can...Good thing that the uni is still our very common hang out and get together place...Thanks for coming to my 21st birthday celebration and no doubt celebrating this big day with you guys meant so much to me...Horror came when Suz left to London later and left only you and me in uni...Yea, you are my only babe left in uni and this kind of study life sucks =(
- 2008 Semester 9 & 10 -The final decision of yours to go London for the exchange...Indeed it was a very sudden and totally unexpected decision coming from you...All the talkings and catch up session we had these days made me realized I had missed out the biggest part of your life...The touching message you sent are still locked and safely stored in my phone...To quote you too : I know we have grown apart and we're not as close as we used to be...I'm sorry I haven't been there for you during your hard times but thank you for being there for me and I promise whatever you need I am here for you...Love you darling...
me & dine
Babe...You are the person who see me changed, the person who watched me do my nose piercing (Erm, live show!!!), the person who has always been there when I am down, the person who cheer up the whole gang during stress time, the person who always got tonnes of story to tell, the person who really cares and meant so much to me!!! Gosh...Its really making me sad that I cant have you attend at my graduation end of this year but I know deep down that you leave for good...I know all this and I really know...Well, lets hope someday somehow we will unite together again for good sake eh? Or maybe, I shall start working my way up to meet you guys in London instead huh? Hmm...Anyway, its a long post for today ady and I think I shall put a full stop to this...Please take good care of yourself (Not to mentioned that you're sick puppy now~) in London and remember to miss me okay...Many many hugs and kisses to you from Malaysia...


Thursday, October 9, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic


Shh...You guys heard something???

No???Sure or not...

Eh, eh...Got leh, I'm still hearing something lar!!!OMG...

Shh...Eh, you quiet and listen again...Can hear people whispering around leh...

*ehem* Tadaahhh!!!
Its the Nuffnang Halloween party babeh...Yeah, you heard me right, Nuffnang is organizing SILENT HALLOWEEN party at the Borneo Baruk Club at KL this year around...Well, if you are not a Nuffnanger, too bad you can't join unless your blogger friend who is a Nuffnanger might be kind enough to give you the tickets to the party if he/she gets the tickets lor...All this is because hor, the party are solely by INVITATION ONLY =D (Gosh, why am I sound like a bimbo here...Jeez!!!)
Grand Prize (Male/Female)
a.k.a The You-Made-Us-Pee-Our-Pants Award
1x Nokia 5320 XpressMusic phone with Bluetooth headset and 5 Universal Music CDs
Runner Up (Male/Female)
a.k.a The I-Want-My-Mommy Award

1x Nokia 5220 XpressMusic phone with Bluetooth headset and 5 Universal Music CDs
Best Silent Dancer Prize
Grand Prize
a.k.a The I-Dance-To-My-Own-Tune Award
1x Nokia 5320 XpressMusic phone with Bluetooth headset and 5 Universal Music CDs
Runner Up
a.k.a The I’m-Number-2 Award
1x Nokia 5220 XpressMusic phone with Bluetooth headset and 5 Universal Music CDs
Best N-Gage Player Prize
a.k.a The I’m-Good-With-My-Fingers Award
1x Nokia 5220 XpressMusic phone with Bluetooth headset, 5 N-Gage by Nokia games and 5 Universal Music CDs
a.k.a The Lucky Draw
25 random lucky guests Nokia goodies for no reason at all
Best Post-event Post a.k.a The Ultimate Blogger Prize
a.k.a The Most-Rocking-Blogger-Out-There! Award
1x Nokia N96 with Bluetooth music speaker, wireless headset, 5 N-Gage by Nokia games and 10 Universal Music CDs

Anyway, cool prizes as mentioned above are to be giving away weh...How COOL is that huh...Halloween night you don't stay at home this year...If you are those lucky one who got selected, you not only get to go party BUT meet new people aka the bloggers, win prizes and ENJOY HALLOWEEN NIGHT SILENTLY~ (Erm...I still can't figure out how is party gonna be like without any loud blasted music but heck plugging in your own headphones and actually enjoying it is something different that I would definitely want to give a try)

Hmm...So the question now is what Halloween celebrities should I dress up then???

Think think think...

The scary dead BabyNey in torn dress?

The female version of the JOKER!!!

*Pardon you hor, all these photos of mine are self-timer-portraits and self-make-up lo =P Never know I've got such brilliant hidden talent asides interior designing XD Hehehe...Proud of myself, wheee!!!* So don't wait, you guys can start voting now and let me see hows the outcome IF I ever get the chance to win the tickets to go party silently with all Nuffnangers this Halloween...

Last but not least...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My oohlala first time

Ehem~ Don't think sengeted la you pervert...Its just another blog updates for you people...
Anyway, this is actually my very first time of doing print ads design for someone hor...Hmm...He said its gonna come out in some bigshot magazine...So, don't wait ady...You guys can start commenting now before he even sees it...Hehe...See, me so kind to you all...LOL~

Well well, I know what you guys thinking but yes, NO MONEY received this time...Don't ask me for treat ok? Bla bla bla...

Oh yea, yesterday night actually had a lot to blog about but too bad I didn't have any picture about it so I decided to not post anything in the public then =)

Okie, do comment about what you think!!! Me wanna upgrade me design standard leh...Pweaseeee~

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The One Night Only

Fuulalah~ Me love MOS, ME LOVE MOS =D
Hehe...So, thats practically how I celebrated my Raya holidays this year around...Oh yea, before I forgot...SELAMAT HARI RAYA EVERYONE~
Well, as you can see, I was celebrating the one night only with no other else but my TineTine babe and her friend, Ray who happened to be our SugarDaddy of the day =)
Hmm...The night out wasn't really planned though...It was rather a last minute call and I was so bad to even canceled the initial plan with James to go down all the way to the Space at Asian Heritage Row...Haihhh, Ney feel really bad to him after all...So, the very last minute plan was on and we didn't actually managed to get any booking for a table at the Euphoria...By the time we reached there, theres already no more good liquor available except those Vodka bottle that we have totally never heard before...BAD~
With no further hesitation already, we ordered this Russian Vodka which somehow taste like gin and it really did its successful magic to kong out all of us until everyone were so high and I can't even stand still and went meditating for a short while after that!!! LOL~ As retard as it may sound...
Okay, now I must have clarified that I had a GREAT tremendous wonderful night indeed at the MOS-Euphoria, Sunway Lagoon Resort and I sincerely thank my TineTine babe and most importantly, Ray the SugarDaddy for bringing us there...Such great experience at Euphoria is worth every single penny you've spent and it definitely has the right crowd and they've also got QUALITY DJ spinning the hitest music in club...MOS-Euphoria, when is gonna be my next visit wey?
Hmm...Till then~ Me signing off...