Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hola people...Wassup at this late night???Aha...Me just finished watching this movie called 'The Last Kiss' at this whee hour but I guess I'm loving it so much and practically think that I've picked up something quite meaningful to myself...Oh well, no doubt that every movie has its own morale story and it just simply the way you seeing it that matters isn't it?Hmm...

So, whats about this movie that I've grown to love so much about...Well well well, its simply nothing more than just the TRUTH word itself...Yeah, thats right...A truth that you will ever gonna tell to yourself, truth to a relationship, truth to your friendship, truth to any of your love ones and many more =) Right, so how many times in life you're telling the truth in any of these cases; doesn't matter its for good or the bad situation? Well, I do know that sometimes we just try to walkaway from the fact or try to come up with some lousy excuses just in turns to get ourselves feel slight better than it supposed to be; yet truth is, we're not totally getting it over or done deal with it...So sadly as what it may sound, we're basically still stepping on the same ground if we don't try to accept the fact that it's happening...

Now thinking back over all these years, I've been living myself miserably and kept complaining about what I have, faced, lived or dealing with...I've never keep the truth to myself and started to take any possible excuses as a reason to recuperate from all the awful part of my life...Thats so a wrong move I've finally know by now...I feel much better living at the moment now than to keep dragging the past into now...

The word LOVE is what people often say but most of the time they don't actually mean it...Well perhaps it don't actually mean a thing as what you feel only matters to you but instead what you do to the people you say you loved, that actually matters the most and its the only thing that counts in terms of love...

Many occasions in life, you can't just try so hard to control it all as life is always gray in the most part and if you insists it always gonna be only the black and white, you are never gonna live happy just about anything...Doesn't matter how tough the situation gonna get, you've got to do what it takes to be happy with your current life and you can't just fail if you never give up on chances...No matter what decision you gonna make for yourself, talk the truth out...As painful as it is, don't be so quick to just walkaway from the problem...People know the truth and they may not like it or want to know about it but they always know...Lie and you will lose just anything you have or you could have lie and pretend nothing happened but isn't that telling the truth is far more important than knowing anything else?

Sometimes, if things doesn't work out the way you want it and you can't go back to how the things were before; why not try to start with something new and stay surprised over how the outcome is going to woo you? How can you not try and say that things are never gonna be alright or just live by with whatever that is it...Righttt?

Nite and have a nice sleep tonight =) hugs

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wedding spree?

Aha...Ever heard or came across that one day you suddenly realized that everyone around you starting to get MARRIED and it more or less sounded like as though a WEDDING SPREE is going on instead of the shopping spree we girls usually crazed of?Hmm...Teeheehee...Don't get the wrong impression and NO that I'm not going to have one for myself but oh well...With the fact that I also don't have a loving bf now, it seems more of the impossible that I'm gonna doing it alone eh =P Hahaha...Anyway, what I would like to say is that : At the age of early 20's, I'm not quite prepare myself for attending weddings of my own friends YET but now it seems like something sometimes gotta start somewhere isn't it? Hehe...

Hmm...Lets begin with the first wedding that called off from the list of friends that I've known for years...1> Nishath, a classmate of mine during the last 2 years of degree in LUCT from Maldives...Well, quite frankly saying I wasn't that surprise when the picture showed on Facebook cause I've been hearing her before we graduated from the uni...So, the reception was done all in Maldives and now they live happily ever after =) Aye aye...
2> SieKie Ooi, high school classmate of mine in PCGHS whos now happily married and also fully attended to a cute lil babygirl sumore =D Hehehe...See, SEE!!!
Surprise, surprise, surprise...A girl that used to be the chilly willy in class and never even heard of she talking about the guys/bfs during school time is now a busy Mama day in and night out =) Haha...Love does do quite lot of the change in a person's life eh?Hehe...
3> Dorris Choo, yet and again another high school mate from PCGHS that rather got me totally wooted out about seeing her being married to someone she loves...Well, with a slight recall from the senior years in high school and I think I can clearly remember THIS... Aha, I would never imagine once from the 'sengeted' relationship to now STRAIGHT or perhaps I should propositioned that it might actually swing both way sometimes?LOL, alright alright...Sorry, I know I ain't gonna continue this crap but hell yea wishing them happy being married aight =)
4> Niko, yet and again another classmate of mine during the last and final degree year in LUCT from Indonesia...Well, more like the big brother himself (Erm yeah, I mean the 'BIG' also =P) its also about time for him to tie the knot and get settle down...All the best in time bro =)
5> Azrin, classmate again from LUCT whom me and my friend deem he's the only 'man man' type of guy left in the class after all the other opted out =P Hehe...Anyway, I've got the invites to go but seeing at its kind of out town and theres no other classmates going so it stopped me just right there...But hey, HAPPY getting married aight!
6>Nor Ehsan, classmate from LUCT too that once I was kinda close to but she also got me surprised by married to someone that I've never heard of she is dating with!!!LOL...I thought it was gonna be the Chinese guy since =P Anyhow, shes now a happy wife to the happy lucky man right beside her =) Win win situation yea...Hehe...

Oh gosh, by now I should annouced the most SHOCKING and AMAZING one...*drum rolls*
7>Tamanna, classmate of mine during the last and final degree year in LUCT from Bangladesh...Well well well, this girl's wedding is practically an ARRANGED MARRIAGE and therefore comparing to all other whom actually get to know the guy first and then go for long dating until they finally decide to get married; this is something strange and totally far off for me to believe theres actually people still practicing this kind of 'tradition' in the modern world!Haha...The engagement is sometimes now and the reception is gonna be end of the year...So, I'm still staying tuned to the pictures post on Facebook and we all told her to get us surprised with her man =P Lalala...*UPDATED on picture*

Fuyooh, its only mid of the year but already so many in the list...Next coming up would be James (Feb2010) and perhaps TineTine, Jeff, SueHui, YeeBin, ChiauLing and...and...Wow, wow, wow...Calling once, two, three, whos gonna get into the list of planning to get married eh? Inform me aight =P I wanna crash weddings!!!LMAO~

Monday, August 10, 2009

Perfect evening

Its been a while I haven't treat myself good in any circumstances after God knows why I got so stuck up with someone that doesn't worth a single tear of mine or keep on depressing over the lies now...Oh well, to put that all aside but work was also kind of tight up on the other hand and I had tried my very best over the past weekends spending some quality time hanging out with the colleagues after work...Be it chilling at the bar, singing karaoke, yamcha-ing at winter warmers, shopping, partying or more; I just can't denied that they are simply great friends after working hours for me now =) Gahhh, me love'em lots...Anyway, its been a great time for almost every weekends now...I know I'm not alone at least and whats more than perfect to spend a great evening chilling at the BAR by the BEACH with a bucket of BEERS and most importantly a couple of new FRIENDS all the way from the NETHERLANDS!!!Yeah...Met some great people whom are just as crazy and funny in a whole package =P
Walter . Me . Saikh

Love and craving for the beautiful sunset by the beach, I dragged them both from the next door cafe to this Sunset Bistro, of which I claimed to have more of a relaxing music bar and nice decorated veranda overlooking the perfect spot of the 'Feringghi Beach Sunset' and I'm glad that they both agreed when they finally saw the closed-to-PERFECT sunset of their trip here =)
Come'on, look at the sky...Perfect sunset I've caught even though its a bit cloudy that night =)

Then again, not much of the photos was taken that night cause I wasn't in a good shape (Eh, I mean I'm not feeling well cause coughing kinda bad lah...Ishhh, don't overthinking can? =P Joking joking...) So, to the perfect evening and great people I've spent time with -HUGSSS & KISSESS-