Thursday, December 4, 2008



Woohoo, I am back again once and for all!!! Wheee... Finally, the exam is over, presentation is over, portfolio submission is over and last but not least STUDIES IS OVER!!! FULALAH~ Can I hear some mooolahhh??? Tsk tsk, very very excited and can't wait to get off from this black ugly shithole aka my uni for 5 years =D Hehe...

Anyway, its been long since I last updated... So many events happened after that and I am still wondering which one to write in first...Perhaps you can help me out a bit by your kind and lovely votes???

Hmm...Alrighty then, heres the list of events that I supposed should be on my blog now but I just couldn't figure out which one to post up first...
- Buddy Party Night @ Scarlet
- Cadbury Chocolate Fair @ Sunway Pyramid
- W.O.W 2, Degree Show for my final presentation/exhibition @ Limkokwing University
- Freedom Party Night @ Poppy
- Tine-Ney Buddy Date @ Jack's Place & Delifrance, One Utama

Vote your choice people... More updates ahead I promise!!! Adios and cheers!!!