Monday, June 15, 2009

HOMEDEC Exhibition 2009

Hey guys, wassup!!! Hehehe...Sorry, I've been disappearing too much lately so now I shall be good and give up a lil update about my first ever participation in the Interior Design related exhibition which I had promised to blog about it earlier on...
Lets get this started on =)

HOMEDEC Exhibition 2009 (Penang) Venue : PISA International Stadium, Penang
Date : 5 - 7 June 2009 Time : 10:00am - 9:00pm

Well well well...Before you all get excited in seeing all the design package I had worked on for so long, let me first introduce the company I'm working for... Tadah~ Its the F.U.K.A Interior Decoration Sdn. Bhd. from Bukit Mertajam, Penang
Yada yada...Laugh as loud as you want to be when pronoucing the name of the company...Its not the F*cker for God sake and it shoud be pronouce nicely in Mandrin as 'foo kah' aight!!! Sheesh...

Next...Lets see what I've got here...Hmm, the overall design of the exhibition booth, shall we? Aha...It was initially 50% of my work done and 50% other was from my boss's idea...Simple, clean and applying those recycle-able materials were our hit for this exhibition but it actually turned out that I've realized MAJORITY of the visitors who came to have a look doesn't even know how to appreciate whats to called DESIGN and they kept asking the same question : You guys DECO and RENOVATE ah??? (Ish, well...Lets just say a 'BIG THANKEW' to that botak Eric Leong for spoiling the Interior Design market...He doesnt even have a design related education background for God sake!!!)

3 days long for the exhibition done and I would say it gave me a strong profile in terms of my portfolio...Though it gave me some really faktap reason to keep staying and working...I would love best to see whats more I can achieve in these 2 months time...Together with the young designer team, we had a final photograph sessions with the 'booth' and see you again next year if I's still working for the firm...
Human size FUKA in front of the smaller signage of FUKA =P

Last but not least to put all that aside, I'm here presenting to you the GRAPHIC work I've done for the exhibition as well =D Hehehe...POWDERFULL leh~~~
5 pieces of 30' x 80' poster
Brochures (fold-up 4 pages front and back), Flyers (fold-half 2 pages front and back 2 versions), Exhibition Folio (40 pages in total), Exhibition Slideshow, Name Tags & Name Card