Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just like HEAVEN

Hey peeps...I'm back for a short lil updates =) Hehehe...Sorry for the long wait as I'm kinda busy these days at work and keep on design, desIGN and MORE DESIGN!!! Yeah, my first ever exhibition booth design and lots of the graphic works will be up in next 2 weeks and I promise I'm gonna reserved this whole event coverage for my beloved readers =)

Anyway, been really tired and moody these days but it also gets me thinking about lots of 'unecessary' stuff especially while I'm driving back and forth to work alone...Sigh...Life is always full with question marks...Why not just let lay down and stay low to relax and listen to this particular song I've got addicted to...

Just Like Heaven
by Katie Melua

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Knocking all the way down

All of a sudden, emo starts striking me back these days and I just can't tell how much I'm missing my babe, TineTine Gan who is in KL now... Tonnes of hugs and kisses to my darling =)
Ney missing our Koala Bear Hugs
Lately, lots of the very 'wistful' thinking has been going on and on around my head and I'm kinda lost track of how to handle the situation already... Its been a while I'm getting this but now it seems like more thinking gets more hurting (Erm, I'm not sure how to exactly draft out this theory BUT it is how I'm actually feeling it right now) Sigh... Life is SICKENING when more and more dramas happened, don't you think so?
Buddy luncheon @ Jack's Place, OneUtama
Well... Afterall I still know life has to move on and on even theres a lot of stepping stones pilling up along the way to trip you down... Likewise or maybe its all another challenge to take, another path to walk across, another end breaching to a new begining...I know I'm always not alone to go through all these and I'm glad that YOU always care... Hugs tight tight... Night people =)

Friday, May 8, 2009


Jeez, I think I'm losing my 'ability' to crap and write non-sense here already =( I mean seriously, like when was the last time you see me post up something NOT related to an event or outing or a gathering or even just simply some food makan-makan post???

Sigh... From last year till now, the accumulated blog post are getting lesser and lesser by each month... What had happened to me actually??? Or is it that my life are THAT boring to even blog about something or what??? Damn... I'm hating it real bad to abandon this blog again and again but I just don't have the urge to keep on writing even though sometimes I typed out something but ended up not publishing it cause I just don't feel like completing the sentence or paragraph of words...

HELP~~~I want back my blogging urge, I want back my 'happening' life just like how I used to live when I was still studying in KL!!! Arghhh~~~

Monday, May 4, 2009

vroom VROOOMMM...

I've finally got my lil baby vroom vroom =D

Hehehe... Don't you all agree he is just such a cute lil handsome baby?See see see... He has got nice color, nice skirting, nice bodyline and most importantly, his OWNER also very the NICE too =P ROFLMAO *Ish, damn very the perasan betul* Anyway, I'm pretty sure lots of people around me gonna be surprised by the news and whats more with me having a CAR!!! Hahaha... Yeah, my very own car which I have to fork out my salary every month to pay for the instalments and so as to jaga / feed this cute lil thing!!!

Hehehe... Oh well, its part of life and people do change their mind ONCE in a while =P Hmm... Alrighty then...Signing off -luv my baby-xoxo-hugs-