Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting back on my feet

Fyuhhh...Wassup all the mid-nighties here in the blogsphere? Hope you guys are having a good time like I do...Aight =)

Hmm...Just finished watching the movie called THE WOMEN staring Meg Ryan, Anna Bening, Debra Messing, Eva Mendes and Jada Pinkett Smith =D Oh yeah, its all about the women this time!!! Hehehe...

So...Whats so great about this movie that keeps me watching all night long even its like freaking EARLY in the morning now *wink* Well, if you are thinking of another similar movie called the SEX AND THE CITY; I can tell you there is actually A LOT of differences between these two great ones =)
[The Women - 2008] talks about friendship, marriage and woman her ownself, which of all things - WHAT A WOMAN WANTS!!! Seriously, I'm loving the part where it shows how woman, at majority cases, can actually caught to be so selfish to other women, helpless when they are in the shoe and persistent when they finally came back to their senses in facing these three things at once =) Oh yeah, this is what we called the WOMEN *do'oh* Hehehe...

At times, women often got relates to the 'most complicated' human being by men but most of the time I find that they rather requires a lot of further explanation about those things they had in mind...Come'on, its the same that applies to both men and women...More often than not when a problem arise, either one of them will always jump into a conclusion of their own and then whats an assumption for that will then cause further conflict between two parties; thus, they started to blame each other for not being understanding =) Simple right?

But as far as I'm concern, no matter how bad a situation can go; we women MUST NOT keep the problems to ourself...Seriously, when the bad time comes, tonnes of irrelevant things can just happen without any reason to pull you down...And doesn't matter for the good or worst sake, share it with someone you know; be it a guy or girl BUT at least a trustworthy friend of yours =) Trust me, you could never feel any better than locking all the thoughts to your own tiny brain =P

Well, lately I kinda find myself tangled-up in these situations when depression starts to root into me...The feeling of JOBLESS sucks big time but no matter how motivated I keep myseld up to face one interview after another, I felt worst when all the hope I aimed for start crashing down...Sad to say but THIS IS LIFE people, learn to accept the cruel fact but never stop yourself from moving forward even when you are like stepping at one same point on the ground =) After all, always remember to keep asking yourself : WHAT DO I WANT???

Knowing what you want, moving towards the goal and thats the only choice to make life better...Be positive, be logical and be persistence while you walking towards it =) Everything gonna be alright cause Bob Marley sang - In every life we have some trouble, when you worry you make it double...Don't worry, be happy =)

Sending =HUGS= to all the bloggers out there whos having some tough time like I do...Cheer up, be happy BUT don't simply marry =P

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lost and losing

We took chances in life
At once and too many times we tried
As a child we thought
"Oh God, bless us for good"

Life is a gift yet its full of obstacles
Given and taken at turns
Our time just came too soon
And life was over in a flash

The fun we shared
The joy you brought
All just gonna remained as memory
Behind us, between us...