Monday, August 10, 2009

Perfect evening

Its been a while I haven't treat myself good in any circumstances after God knows why I got so stuck up with someone that doesn't worth a single tear of mine or keep on depressing over the lies now...Oh well, to put that all aside but work was also kind of tight up on the other hand and I had tried my very best over the past weekends spending some quality time hanging out with the colleagues after work...Be it chilling at the bar, singing karaoke, yamcha-ing at winter warmers, shopping, partying or more; I just can't denied that they are simply great friends after working hours for me now =) Gahhh, me love'em lots...Anyway, its been a great time for almost every weekends now...I know I'm not alone at least and whats more than perfect to spend a great evening chilling at the BAR by the BEACH with a bucket of BEERS and most importantly a couple of new FRIENDS all the way from the NETHERLANDS!!!Yeah...Met some great people whom are just as crazy and funny in a whole package =P
Walter . Me . Saikh

Love and craving for the beautiful sunset by the beach, I dragged them both from the next door cafe to this Sunset Bistro, of which I claimed to have more of a relaxing music bar and nice decorated veranda overlooking the perfect spot of the 'Feringghi Beach Sunset' and I'm glad that they both agreed when they finally saw the closed-to-PERFECT sunset of their trip here =)
Come'on, look at the sky...Perfect sunset I've caught even though its a bit cloudy that night =)

Then again, not much of the photos was taken that night cause I wasn't in a good shape (Eh, I mean I'm not feeling well cause coughing kinda bad lah...Ishhh, don't overthinking can? =P Joking joking...) So, to the perfect evening and great people I've spent time with -HUGSSS & KISSESS-

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~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

ONE LOOK W/O LOOKING AT UR TEXT BABE I KNEW IT WAS SUNSET BISTRO! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. miss penang as hell. when i come back we hangout ya :D

ChrisTineG said...

OooOoOo..happening ya. Glad u have a nice weekend and great hangout with new friends. Keep urself up and enjoy. =)